Today, I’m grateful for the peace that surpasses all understanding.

. . .

While the disciples of Jesus were frightened and troubled by the stormy wind and the raging sea, Jesus was enjoying a sound sleep. Why? Because he had peace of mind. The storms and the raging sea could not overwhelm Jesus instead they obeyed him!

I’m enjoying God’s peace virtually in every facet of my life. This is because whenever the thunder roars or the storm rises to trouble me, I remember that Jesus himself is my peace and that he has given me his peace. I rely on God’s promise to keep me in perfect peace and he always fulfils that promise!

I pray for someone out there who is going through turbulent times, may God’s peace that surpasses human understanding surround your heart, mind, and home. May you find and enjoy peace on every side and may Jesus who is the creator of the universe and King over the flood soar with you above every storm in your life! Victory ahead in Jesus name amen! 🙌 🙌



Published by Ime

I am a counselor, an instructor, and a humanitarian. I am a child of grace, a chosen vessel of honor called to show forth the excellency of his majesty. I love writing anything that inspires me. Worshipping God with songs is my best hobby. I love cooking and i equally enjoy baking, even though at times i end up with ugly cakes! 😁 ❤ 🌹

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  1. Thank you, “Ime” ❤ I send the prayer right back atcha: "May God’s peace that surpasses human understanding surround your heart, mind, and home" today and always!

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