Positive Declarations.

Declare with me…

    I’m too blessed to fail.

   I’m too blessed to be wasted.

   I’m too blessed to be mocked.

   I’m too blessed to suffer rejection.

   I’m too blessed to be afflicted.

You know why?

Because it is written.. “ From the abundance of His GRACE, I have received ONE BLESSING AFTER ANOTHER!”   ~ John 1:16 ~




Scriptural Verse Of The Day.

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.                                               Romans 8:1

. . .  

As a child of God, you have been set free from the law of sin and death. No one has any right to bring any charge against you or to condemn you. You are not under the law but under GRACE and you have been justified by the precious blood of Jesus. 

Stand up today and silence that accuser that’s busy digging up your past and sins that have long been forgiven and wiped out by the blood of Jesus! You are not condemned and you will never be condemned!

Stay blessed! Jesus loves you!

A blessed week to y’all! 🤗😘😘

30 days of gratefulness –30 (I’m grateful for everything)

Today, I am grateful for everything. Everything that the good Lord has given to me. Everything that I am privileged to enjoy. Everything that money can’t buy, that no man can give, and that’s totally out of this world! I’m grateful for all His benefits towards me.

Doing this 30 days of gratefulness has really opened my eyes to so many little blessings I have taken for granted. I now understood why Paul in one of his epistles encourages us to always give thanks to the Lord in everything and for everything. Honestly, I can’t count all my blessings. Even if I have a million times, it will still not be enough to show how grateful I really am.

Since I started this 30 days of gratefunless, I have seen the hand of God doing wondrous things for me. The more I showed my gratitude, the more He moves on my behalf and reveals to me great and mighty things that leaves me screaming WOW!

So, today, I want to encourage us to always have a heart of gratefulness. Never take small blessings for granted. Everything no matter how little is worth thanking God for.

Also, from my heart, I want to say a big thank you to all you my WordPress friends for standing by me, visiting my blog posts, and encouraging me to keep on writing. Thank you for your likes, comments, contributions, and for participating in the gratefulness thing. May God continue to give you every reason to be grateful.

Thank you George, Janbeek, Dawn, Tina, Ibukun, Jyoti, Jesuslovesall, preciousone and  all my amazing friends all over the globe for being there. I appreciate you all. I cherish you and I love you deeply. You are so so amazing!

Thank you all again and again and again! 🙏🙏🙏

Blessings! 🤗😊😘😘💕💕

30 days of gratefulness –29 ( I’m grateful for me)

Today, I am grateful for ME.

For someone who spent a lot of her years wishing she was someone else, I sure have come a long way!

I am grateful that I’m me and not someone else. I’m grateful for my purpose here on earth. For being exactly where I’m supposed to be now! I’m grateful for the grace to be unapologetically positive in a super negative world. For the yearning to be better. For the grace to be kind even when I don’t feel like it and I’m sorry for the days I failed at the whole kindness thing.

I am grateful that I’ve figured out the kind of person I want to be. I’m also grateful for the ability to try to be that person every single day. I’m grateful for the ability to love and receive love. I’m grateful that I finally see myself through the eyes of God —wonderfully and fearfully made! The apple of God’s eyes.

Dear Imella, thank you for sticking around and not getting lost in the chaos. I’m glad that I’m you and you are me. I’m sorry that it took me so long to truly love you.

Took me a while but I’m finally here🎶🎶🎤

30 days of gratefulness –28 (grateful for courage)

Today, I’m grateful for “COURAGE” Courage to move on despite many heartbreaks, pain, disappointment. Courage to look beyond my mistakes and refusing to try to fit in when I’m meant to stand out. But most importantly, I’m grateful for the courage to say no to defeat and low self-esteem.

I’m grateful that my motivations, goals, and of course God and his word gives me the courage to strive, thrive and to drag myself out of bed and face the world!

Dear Lord, thank you for making me courageous! 🙏🙌

Thank you all for taking out time to visit, read, and comment as well. Your presence here is what keeps me motivated and encourages me to keep writing. God bless you all.

Sending lots of love and kisses to you and you and you!! 💕💞😘😘🤗🤗🙏

30 days of gratefulness – 27 (grateful for the gift of choice)

Today, I am grateful for the gift of “CHOICE”
This is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. It has bettered my life in so many ways and has taught me valuable lessons.

C.H.O.I.C.E– the good side
I’m grateful to be able to choose what to eat
What to wear
Where to go
Who is a part of my life.

The choice of the kind of work to do
The choice of who I married
The choice of the kind of person I want to be.

The choice to forgive and forget
The choice to live and laugh
The choice to love and love again.

The choice to serve God and to make the world a better place in my own little way.

Thank God for the gift of choice!🙏🙏

What are you grateful for today?

30 days of gratefulness –26 (I’m grateful for my tears)

There were times I cried in joy. There were times I thought all hope was lost until God showed up and turned everything around for my good. There were times my heart felt so burdened, lonely and at a point of breaking down and the only thing I did was just let the tears flow down freely. 😭😭

I’m grateful that my tears brought forth strength, courage, faith, emotions, and joy out of me.  My tears bear testimony to the best and worst times of my life. My tears encourages me to forge ahead and to concentrate on the brighter side of life!

What are you grateful for today?

Blessings!! 💕💕

30 days of gratefulness –25 ( I’m grateful for the free gift of air)

I know that there are people out there who depend solely on oxygen or other mechanisms to be able to breathe. And it’s never been easy on them.😩😥

Today, I’m grateful that I don’t have to pay for the air I breath. I’m grateful that I can inhale and exhale freely and even get to feel the freshness of the air! God is faithful!

What are you grateful for? In case you know any persons that are suffering from respiratory problems, please pray for them, encourage them and support them in any way you can and God himself will bless you richly!

God bless us all! 🙌❤💜

30 days of gratefulness –24 ( I’m grateful for electricity)

I’m grateful that I have electricity. Darkness is bad and not having electricity can be devastating!

I’m totally grateful that I can iron my clothes, charge my phones or laptop when the battery is low, I can sit under the AC/fan when it’s hot, I can use the heaters when it’s cold, and I can have all my perishables frozen in the refrigerator any time any day!

I know that there are places and people that don’t have electricity to pamper themselves and I really feel sad for them. I pray that soon, help will come so they too can enjoy the many benefits of electricity. 🙌🙌

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