30 days of gratefulness – 17 (grateful for my family)

Today, I’m grateful for God’s gift of family. 

Family is everything and I’m happy I belong to one and so do you!  Aside from the usual squabbles, arguments, disagreements, I stIll cherish the kind of love, care, support, and beautiful memories I’ve had to create with my family. I can say that my family has contributed immeasurably in helping me becoming all that the Lord has planned for me to be.

I’m grateful for my parents, my sweet sister, brothers, husband, children yet unborn. They are the ones who have stuck with me through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad times. I’m also grateful for my family in the household of faith and my WordPress family (all you bloggers are so amazing and I’m glad to have discovered your blogs). 

Today, I pray for families out there that are being torn apart or under any attack, that God will heal, restore and reunite such families. I pray love, unity, oneness, support, trust, and hope into such families in Jesus name Amen!! 🙌🙌



30 days of gratefulness – 16 (grateful for the salvation of my soul)

Today, I am grateful for the Salvation of my soul.

Truly, it profits nothing to gain the whole world and then loses one’s soul to hellfire. And of course, there’s nothing any man can give in exchange for his soul.

So today, I’m grateful to God for saving my sinful soul and for not allowing me to perish.

I’m grateful that I’m born again! Praise the Lord!!

30 days of gratefulness –14 (grateful for my past)

I know it sounds weird, right? Like what is there to be grateful for about one’s past especially when it’s full of mess and nothing to write home about?

Well…My past helped to mould and reshaped me into a better, stronger, and wiser person that I am today.

My past taught me how to walk through life cautiously and courageously.

My past stretched me beyond the limit so that I will grow up mature, strong, and complete in every way.

My past showed me who my true friends are and what it means to be a friend indeed.

My past taught me that contentment, patient, peace, forgiveness, love, faith, and humility is a great virtue.

My past also allowed me to go through many rough patches and to experience both the sweet and bitter part of life.

I’m grateful that I can forget the messy and ugly part of my past and rather focus on the many lessons learnt that contributed to the better version of me today!

Blessings!! 🤗🌹

30 days of gratefulness – 13 (grateful for open doors of opportunities)

Today, I am grateful for all the doors of opportunities I prayed to God to open that I have walked through.

I have heard people say that opportunities lost can never be recovered. But in my own case, God in his mercy has helped me recover many of those lost opportunities! 

My prayer is that God will continue to open for you and me great doors of opportunities that no man can close. And he will help us to walk through.

Blessingss! 🤗💕💜

30 days of gratefulness – 12 (grateful for the place of worship)

Today, I’m grateful for the place of worship.

I take pleasure in worshipping the living God because he seeks those who will worship him in spirit and in truth.

Recently, I have come to the realisation that the only place to get spiritually sharpened, enlightened, strengthened, renewed, and restored is in the place of worship.  

Today, I challenge you to try enter into that place of worship and worship God like you’ve never done before. I assure you, you will come out revived and blessed!

Happy beautiful Sunday friends!

Blessings!! 💕💕

30 days of grateful –11 ( Grateful to God for the provision of food)

Today, I’m grateful for my daily bread.

While typing this post, I remembered the song that says ‘Some have food but cannot eat, some can eat but they have no food, I have food and I can eat, glory be to God amen’.

So today, I’m totally grateful for each day God put food on my table plus the good health he gives me to enjoy my breakfast, lunch, and dinner!! 🙏 😇 😀

It’s one thing to be wealthy and to have all the food that money can buy. It’s another thing to be able to enjoy the food in peace and in health!

If you have ever tasted hunger, or be financially broke, so much so that you had to be without a single dime for months, then you will definitely be grateful for the gift of God!

30 days of gratefulness –10 ( I’m grateful for all of God’s creatures)

Today, I’m grateful for all of God’s creatures.

God is a perfect creator! When I consider the works of his hands, I stand in awe of his awesome wonder!

I’m grateful that all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, and all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all!

I’m also grateful that all of God’s creatures reminds me of how majestic, amazing, and creative God is.

Imagine how boring this world would have been without the flowers, birds, animals, oceans, mountains etc.

Thank you, Lord, for the amazing creatures of the world!

Positive Declarations.

The LORD has bestowed on me a crown of beauty instead of ashes; the oil of gladness instead of mourning; and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.  I will not grieve nor sorrow anymore. I will always celebrate with great joy.


God is for me; nothing can stand against me. I am encompassed with favour.      My today shall be greater than my tomorrow.  I’m blessed with wisdom and understanding. I’m growing better and better in the knowledge of Christ. 

30 days of gratefulness – 9 ( grateful for a functional brain)

Today, I’m grateful for a functional brain and a sound mind.

The truth is, there can be no life without the brain. This is because the brain is not only one of the largest and most complex organ in the human body, but also controls vital functions such as heartbeat, eye movement, breathing etc.

So today, I’m grateful to God for not only giving me a healthy and functional brain but also, for the many times he has delivered me from accidents that would have resulted in brain damage.

I’m also grateful for a sound mind. There were times I thought I was gonna lose my mind because of so much pressure and the many lemons life keeps throwing at me! 😫😩 But in all, I’m still together. I’m still standing strong and I’m still making lemonades! 😇😀 It can only be God! 🙌 🙌

To all those suffering from mental or brain disorders, just hang in there. Your God will surely come with healing in his wings to make you whole. God loves you and he watches over you! Sending light and lots of love to you!! 🔆 💕 💞

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