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I love you. Yes, you!

You have been through a lot and it looks as if you are not being appreciated. Chile baby, God sees and I assure you that the heavens are applauding your courage and decision to stand strong no matter what.

Can I tell you something? You are not a failure. You are not the reason why things aren’t working the way you’d envisioned them to. You are not the bad egg of the family. You are not the cause of the breakup.

I’m here to remind you that you have try your best. You have had to give up so many valuable things just for another to be happy and for peace to reign. You have denied yourself some moment of self-care, love, laughter, and even some vacation.

Stop beating yourself up. Breath. Take a moment and appreciate yourself, baby. You are a hero. You have done well. You have a kind heart. Keep being you, regardless!

God loves you like crazy!

Love always,


Positive Declaration.

Say these with me..

I am the head and not the tail.

I am above only and not beneath.

I am an eternal excellency and a joy of many generations.

I am for signs and for wonders upon the earth.

I am that seed which the LORD has blessed.

I am gloriously and forever loved. Amen!!








Just hang in there: For yet a little while, the Son of Righteousness will arise with healing in his wings..

God is still the greatest physician of all times. And because he changes not; your healing is assured. One more thing… He is still in the business of healing people.

I have seen him do it times without number. I have seen him reverse a hopeless situation and cured the disease that doctors pronounced incurable.

If Jesus himself carried all our infirmities and healed all our diseases just know that yours was included too. I wish you could stop sinking into despair, fear, doubt, or putting all your hopes in an ordinary mortal man. Rather, choose to activate your faith in the Word of God and completely trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary for you and me.

Recalled blind Bartimaeus? The woman with the issue of blood? The paralyzed at the pool of Bethsaida? The list is endless. Just one encounter with the great physician, their lives never remained the same. The healing power of God is still flowing and active. It can reach you anywhere you are. Just hang in there. God hasn’t forgotten about you.

Just hang in there: for yet a little while the Son of Righteousness will arise with healing in his wings and shall bring you health and healing and cure you of all your infirmities!

God Bless You! 🤗🙌

Vision without planning is dreaming without reality.

Vision is knowing where you are going and planning is knowing how to get there. To plan your vision well, ensure it is valid, authentic and worthwhile and also maintain maxium clarity. Know why God told Habakkuk to write the vision down and make it plain? It’s so that he won’t be misguided, run aimlessly through life or end up frustrated without achieving the very purpose for the existence of the said vision.

It doesn’t matter how great your vision is. It is subjected to frustration when planning is neglected. A lot of people out there have had to quit there jobs, projects, proposals, blogs, or whatever it was they had the vision of establishing all because they didn’t take the time to plan right.

Planning involves allocating time schedules to identifiable cause of action, mapping out the location, contents, and making sure that every other thing needed for the accomplishment of that specific vision is in place.

To stay winning, you have to make up your mind never to live a vision less life. Dream if you can, but try as much as possible to turn that dream into a reality. That’s where the filfulment and inner satisfaction comes.

You have your vision already planned. Then it’s time to get to work..

So see you at the top!

Stay winning dearly beloved!!!

All you need is God’s Presence.

Those that carry the divine Presence of God will always manifest His supernatural power. Because the Power of God is resident in His Presence.

All you need to stay connected to the higher Power and to remain spotless in this adulterous and wicked world is nothing but the absolute, encompassing Presence of God. One thing I admire so much about the men Moses and David in the Bible is their understanding of God’s Presence. They know that any man that has the Presence of God with him will never fear any battle, storms or the enemies threats.

The Presence of God is the natural atmosphere for supernatural manifestation of power. Where the presence of God is, there is healing, freedom from the forces of limitations, divine direction, breakthrough, victory, and of course the fullness of joy!

When you soak yourself in God’s Presence, you are sure of the impartaion of supernatural strength to tear down obstacles and the strongholds of opposition.  Psalm 114: 1–8

What makes the difference in the life of a true child of God is the residence of God’s Presence. And that’s all you and I needs. Today, I pray that God makes us carriers of His Presence so that we can manifest as sons and daughters of glory.  Amen!

We stay winning!

God bless you! 💕💖


Don’t get mixed up with the crowd!

Do not join the crowd to do wrong. That everybody is doing it doesn’t make it right. If it doesn’t give God the pleasure, glory, and honour he deserves, then it is not right. To keep winning, you’ve got to stay above the crowd.

As God’s children, we are called to be separated and sanctified vessels of honour. We are not to get mixed up with the crowd of worldly people. We are not to think or behave as the heathens do. This day, there is so much craziness in the social media world that even the very elites might be forced to derail from the truth if they are not watchful and sensitive in the spirit.

The world is going crazy and it seems everyone is struggling to join the wagon. To fit in. To feel belonged. Not wanting to be left out. And they all forget that soon the world will come to an end and everything in it with it.

As true children of God, let us embrace that old rugged cross and choose to stand for what is right, true, and just. Let us refuse to join the crowd in doing wrong but defend the course of Jesus till he comes. Let us not love the world neither the things that are in the world. For anyone that loves the world, does not have the love of the Father in him. So be separate. Be different. Stand out from the crowd. Let the world know who you truly are and where you belong!

I pray that the grace to abound till the end be yours in Jesus name amen.

Stay winning!

God bless you!

Positive Declarations.

Declare with me…

    I’m too blessed to fail.

   I’m too blessed to be wasted.

   I’m too blessed to be mocked.

   I’m too blessed to suffer rejection.

   I’m too blessed to be afflicted.

You know why?

Because it is written.. “ From the abundance of His GRACE, I have received ONE BLESSING AFTER ANOTHER!”   ~ John 1:16 ~




Scriptural Verse Of The Day.

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.                                               Romans 8:1

. . .  

As a child of God, you have been set free from the law of sin and death. No one has any right to bring any charge against you or to condemn you. You are not under the law but under GRACE and you have been justified by the precious blood of Jesus. 

Stand up today and silence that accuser that’s busy digging up your past and sins that have long been forgiven and wiped out by the blood of Jesus! You are not condemned and you will never be condemned!

Stay blessed! Jesus loves you!

A blessed week to y’all! 🤗😘😘

30 days of gratefulness –30 (I’m grateful for everything)

Today, I am grateful for everything. Everything that the good Lord has given to me. Everything that I am privileged to enjoy. Everything that money can’t buy, that no man can give, and that’s totally out of this world! I’m grateful for all His benefits towards me.

Doing this 30 days of gratefulness has really opened my eyes to so many little blessings I have taken for granted. I now understood why Paul in one of his epistles encourages us to always give thanks to the Lord in everything and for everything. Honestly, I can’t count all my blessings. Even if I have a million times, it will still not be enough to show how grateful I really am.

Since I started this 30 days of gratefunless, I have seen the hand of God doing wondrous things for me. The more I showed my gratitude, the more He moves on my behalf and reveals to me great and mighty things that leaves me screaming WOW!

So, today, I want to encourage us to always have a heart of gratefulness. Never take small blessings for granted. Everything no matter how little is worth thanking God for.

Also, from my heart, I want to say a big thank you to all you my WordPress friends for standing by me, visiting my blog posts, and encouraging me to keep on writing. Thank you for your likes, comments, contributions, and for participating in the gratefulness thing. May God continue to give you every reason to be grateful.

Thank you George, Janbeek, Dawn, Tina, Ibukun, Jyoti, Jesuslovesall, preciousone and  all my amazing friends all over the globe for being there. I appreciate you all. I cherish you and I love you deeply. You are so so amazing!

Thank you all again and again and again! 🙏🙏🙏

Blessings! 🤗😊😘😘💕💕

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